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Consciously or subliminally, we're all influenced by brands every single day.
The silver apple on the back of every iPhone and iPad.
The hidden arrow inside the FedEx logo which signifies "moving forward."
It's your brand, we can help you take it to the next level.

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McCartney Group, Europe

McCartney Multimedia is now officially in business in Europe. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, located right across from the Austrian Parliament in the posh V1010 district.
The company will focus on music, entertainment, touring, merchandise, publishing and media.
Vienna is now truly at the heart of Europe both geographically and culturally. With familiar partners to the west such as Germany, France
and Spain, the new "East Bloc" lies within reach of this magnificent city known for its architecture, creativity, fondness for artists and arguably the best coffee in the world.

So if you're headed to Vienna, stop in for a "Kaf├ęcht'l" at our new digs.

Watch our trailer here.

The Magical History Tour

An evening of behind the scenes Beatles' stories, music and multimedia with Mrs. McCartney's Favorite Tribute Beatle Band - THE MOPTOPS.

Hear private stories from the long and winding road of rock'n roll as told by 2 McCartney family insiders. Marvel at the music. Re-live the memories. Feel the magic. Swing to the sound of the sixties.
All you need is The Magical History Tour... a splendid time is guaranteed for all!


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