Summer, 2016
McCartney Multimedia Newsletter, Volume 29

It's been a while...

...since our last newsletter. We've changed the layout to give you the content in a more streamlined fashion, stories have been abbreviated to keep things short and sweet, and they contain links to more info online if you're interested.

As you may have noticed, we're currently sending out monthly "product" blasts, so you're up-to-date on what our company can do for you in the digital realm.
Since our last communication, we've built a brand new website and we invite you to take the tour.

Oh, almost forgot, we got new digs and a brand new office...>>>

Brand Marketing: Mrs. McCartney's Wines launches!

In the sweltering heat of Kemah, TX Mrs. McCartney's Wines officially launched at the "Discover Wine" Festival at the Clear Creek Winery at the end of June.

It all started last year when Chef and Winemaker David Skinner of Clear Creek Winery suggested a nice drop of wine would go well with Angie's Teas! So, we formed a partnership and voila, the new brand was born!
We invite you to take a look at our new website and hope you order some of Angie's delicious wines. They are sweet and sassy - just like the lady herself!
We currently offer 5 fabulous fruity flavours:

• Maharishi Peach Wine
• Blackbird Blackberry Wine
• Strawberry Fields Wine
• Abbey Road Apple Wine and
• Blue Jay Blueberry Wine

At just 8.5% alcohol, they also make a good base for a refreshing summer cocktail...check out our cocktail recipe ideas here.

Film Docu: Your Mother Should Know a 90-minute toe-tapping time travel experience through the 1960's, as told through the eyes of Beatle insider, feminist, and octogenarian Dr. Angie McCartney. The decade that began with the release of The Pill. The decade that would advance feminism more in its' 10 years, than the hundreds of years beforehand. Set to the music of the time, Angie, (born in 1929 in Liverpool and married into the McCartney Family in 1964,) will explore how the world went from Ozzie and Harriet to Sonny & Cher. From Doris Day to Janis Joplin. From Mayberry to Altamont. From Newspapers to iPads. And from Poodle Skirts to GoGo Boots.
The film, which will also touch on the Nazi Blitz of industrial Britain in WW2, will appeal to not only The Greatest Generation, but Baby Boomers / Beatle Fans and their Millennial kids and grandkids alike - all groovin’ to the soundtrack of the sixties. It's a story of female resourcefulness. Of humour. Of survival.

In partnership with The Pantheon of Women, Houston, TX, McCartney Multimedia, Inc. will embark on a filmic journey of women through the ages.
Directed by Martin Nethercutt
Currently in pre-production, interested investors, please get in touch.

Artist in Development: Nick Marechal

In 1968 Nick Marechal was just another kid in the San Fernando Valley learning to play guitar. Elvis was a hero making a comeback. Garage bands were in every neighborhood. FM radio ruled. That period provided inspiration for writing the song “Son of the Blues.”

In the early 1970s, Nick received lessons from the late great Ted Greene. Nick’s picking style, knowledge of chords, and an appreciation for the American Songbook came from Greene.

Nick just launched his brand new McCartney-designed website!

Public Speaking: Springboard South Music Festival

Once again, we were proud to participate as mentors at the 5th annual #SBS, the brainchild of industry maverick Barry Coffing, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. From their website...

Because we’ve spent the past four years building out the most attractive festival musicians could ever hope to find. And that means we attract the best musical talent to perform for Houston every June.

By offering artists much more than just the opportunity to rock one of our stages. In fact, performing is just one of the constellation of opportunities we provide our performers.
Every year, we host the Band Bootcamp – it puts performers in front of a group of professionals that’s legitimately unparalleled in Houston. (if you’re interested in reading more, head over here).

Artist in Development: TJ Byrnes Transmission Party

Transmission Party, the brainchild of multi instrumentalist, New York based artist and producer TJ Byrnes, brings to life his musical aspirations with the debut self-titled LP, Transmission Party, released late 2015.

With a wide range of influences which range from Blur, Oasis, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, to the classics such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, David Bowie and Talking Heads, Transmission Party molds his music into a unique listening experience.

Check out the website!

E-Commerce: McCartney Merchandise Store

Creations from the brain trust at, perfect for anyone with a sense of fun or a love of The Beatles.

We've recently opened up our McCartney Merchandise Store! Check out our line of T-Shirts, Tank Tops and Hoodies. There's something for the entire family to enjoy! If you're interested in having your OWN logo merchandise store with on-demand, individual printing just get in touch and we can build it for you.

Check out our shirts today*
*Warning some of them are R-Rated!

Beatle Blog: McCartney Times

At McCartney Multimedia, Inc, we consider ourselves somewhat of a "brand custodian" when it relates to The Beatles and anything else McCartney.

We've been running now for a while, and are happy to say that we are signing up Beatles fans from all around the globe on a daily basis.
It's all things Beatles under one roof - if you're into that kind of thing...please visit the site here...

Social Media: The Malibu Arts Festival

The Malibu Arts Festival promises to offer something for everyone. 45 years of incredible high-end art, 45 years of beauty, 45 years of a wonderful event - known world wide! Considered "one of the most beautiful outdoor art festivals in the nation," the Malibu Arts Festival features over 200 award-winning painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelers, and other unique artisans.

Five weeks prior to this prestigious annual event, we came on board and doubled their social media following, created slideshows and video ads, located and shared content from their artists and vendors and in a short period of time, and gained more than 250,000 impressions and engagements (clicks, likes, shares, comments, RSVPs) through Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some pictures from the festival.

Social & Fan Mgmt: The Nelsons

We're delighted to be working with the uber talented twin sons of Ricky Nelson and grandsons of the legendary Ozzie and Harriet, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson. McCartney is charged with not only increasing their social media numbers through incentives, contests, and personal daily outreach (answering the fans' questions and requests), but also converting those fans into an iFanz database owned by the artist containing demographic data for newsletters, tour planning, direct marketing and direct sales.

Check out the guys' site at to see their US and Canada tour schedule, videos, connect on Facebook and more!

Want to know more about our Social Media Services?
Download our PDF.

Web Dev & Social Media: Tiny Winkini

We developed an e-commerce website for this adorable designer babies' label by Stacy Linde and Kelly Kort. If ou know anyone with a little girl between 1 and 8 years old, this is a MUST to bookmark. The suits can also be used as costumes, ballet outfits, pageant fashion and their little Fairy Wings just are the cherry on top!

We began their foray into social media even getting Lance Bass to share his niece Genevieve wearing one of these cuter than ever outfits resulting in tens of thousands of likes and shares.

Check out the site here -

Upcoming Artist: Darbi Shaun

On her recent visit to Los Angeles, country artist Darbi Shaun stopped by and we had a good chin wag about the state of Music Biz and her latest release:

"Walk On Water"

Matt Davis, the GM of Main Street Crossing, said, “Darbi is a wonderful talent. If you have the chance to hear her in song, it will be an experience for your ears that you will not soon forget. Polished beyond her years, this young performer has a bright future ahead.”
Listen to "Walk on Water" here on YouTube.

GEIST: Book Of Shadows
by Martin Nethercutt

Some things need a while to be completed. When I started on the GEIST project a good while back I had no idea how big this would become in terms of recording, tracking, editing, playing, singing and producing this piece of music.
From the first installment "Book Of Mirrors" and its release back in 2011, time has surely flown by.
While "Book Of Mirrors" was more of a mainstream rock/pop album, the second album of the trilogy is darker by nature as the title suggests. Now, almost ready for final mixing "Book Of Shadows" shows a deep and heavier side of the music.
It also features a wide variety of collaborating artists, composers and soloists. Exciting, exciting indeed.

Please visit the web site for more information.

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