January, 2017
McCartney Multimedia Newsletter, Volume 30

Happy 2017 from Palm Springs!

The reason you didn't hear from us over the holidays, is because we were so busy that we just now have time to catch our breath, and tell you what happened over the last few months. Here at the Ingleside Inn we're paying our respects to the late, tryly great Mel Haber. Sitting in the dining room for brunch with the rain coming down, we raised our glasses in his honor and started to compose this newsletter. We are very happy to say that the new owners - PlumpJack from San Francisco will maintain this charismatic jewel in Palm Springs, making just a few updates here and there, whilst preserving its intrinsic charm. Mr. Haber would have wanted it that way, we're sure. Mazeltov Mel.

So, let's get started...

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2017

Palm Springs International Film Festival, January 2017 (By Dr. Angie McCartney)

This delightful animated film is based on the real life of author Raymond Briggs and his parents, growing up during World War II in London. His subsequent evacuation to Dorset to avoid the blitz, his growing interest in art and writing, the subsequent changes to the lives of his parents. It is all beautifully line drawn, and the attention to detail is just stunning. I will need to see it several more times to absorb it all. The icing on the cake for me was the inclusion of "Walking in The Park With Eloise," a song written in the 1920s by my late husband Jim McCartney. It was beautifully reproduced by Carl Davis, the respected musician and conductor, who worked with our Paul, on the Liverpool Oratorio, a tribute to Linda.
The soundtrack, which I have downloaded from iTunes, is a wonderful mix of songs of that era, arranged by Carl Davis and recorded by The London Chamber Orchestra. The music complements the film perfectly, and it was very emotional for me to follow the story, much of which reflected my own life, growing up in Liverpool, and spending nights in the Anderson shelter in the back garden of 3 Carr Lane, Norris Green, with my Mum and sisters Mae and Joan, by candlelight, doing crossword puzzles, reciting our multiplication tables, singing songs, making up rhymes, etc., all of which I think contributed to my love of reading and writing. In fact, I think that was probably what motivated me to become a Secretary. Despite my lack of formal education, which virtually ended when I was eleven years old, when Hitler's nightly bombing of Liverpool made it necessary to quit school so that people who had lost their homes could sleep on the floors at St.Theresa's School. There's no education like street smarts!

Photo: Ethel & Ernest Film Premiere from left to right: Director and Animator Roger Mainwood, Ruth McCartney, Dr. Angie McCartney and Producer Camilla Deakin of LupusFilms.

Read Angie's entire review here...

CAUSES: Farrah Fawcett Foundation:
"Holidays Are In The Air"

December 18th, 2016

The Farrah Fawcett Foundation hosted the 2nd Annual "Holidays Are In The Air" event at the Museum of Flying at Santa Monica Airport, with the great support of its staff and Dan Ryan.

A day of excitement for both children and parents that suffer from cancer related illnesses. Thanks to all of our Angels, Volunteers, Donors and Sponsors for making it happen!

Please watch our video of the event, click on the
images to learn how you can get involved next year!

To learn more about the work in the area of HPV Cancers that the Farrah Fawcett Foundation supports, please visit their website www.farrahfawcettfoundation.org

Introducing: McCartney Sports!

For over 2 years now, McCartney Multimedia's subsidiary McCartney Group GmbH in Vienna, Austria has been nourishing a roster of super talented tennis players.

Having won the Silver Medal for Romania at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Florin Mergea and company have been outstanding in the world of tennis men's doubles.

Thanks to the relentless talents of McCartney Group director Raimund Carl and Austrian Davis Cup great coach Gilbert Schaller, McCartney Sports is also at the forefront of developing new and aspiring youth talent with our tennis academy based out of the Vienna Sport Hotel in the heart of beautiful Vienna.

Check out the website!

McCartney Studios recently created a teaser/trailer for the Grand Prix Network: Grand Prix Rugby

Grand Prix Network is a new-breed, sports and entertainment company that produces, distributes and organizes professional leagues and events for certain Olympic-style team sports, in partnership with USOC members USA Rugby and USA Volleyball. One of their dual missions is to create America's first professional Rugby 7s League, a two-phased tour to league platform, while concurrently supporting its partner USA Rugby's mission to grow the sport of American Rugby.
"This is an exciting sports opportunity," says Ruth McCartney, "rugby is a sport that's played around the world, and we re honoured to be a part of it, making it professional and introducing it to American audiences."

Follow GPR on Facebook and Twitter @grandprixrugby.

Visit site and watch the teaser/trailer

McCartney Studios also recently created a teaser/trailer for the Grand Prix Network: Grand Prix Volleyball

The Grand Prix Volleyball mission is to create America's first professional men's and women's volleyball leagues in partnership with USA Volleyball.

Follow GPV on Facebook and Twitter @grandprixvbl.

Visit site and watch the teaser/trailer

Los Angeles Football Club

Exciting times and business opportunities for Los Angeles!

On behalf of Grand Prix Network and of course McCartney Multimedia, Inc, Ruth and I had a great meeting at the LAFC production offices and received a "Behind The Scenes" tour of the brand new Banc Of California Stadium in downtown L.A. Opening in May, 2018 we were shown exclusive models, videos, and presentations of all the levels of business and sports opportunities.

LAFC is committed to building a 22,000-seat soccer-specific stadium, bringing $350 million in private investment to South Los Angeles.

Thanks Andrea Pagnanelli and LAFC for your hospitality and vision.

Visit site...

Public Speaking: Big Data - LMU

Digital Diva Ruth McCartney Talks Big Data

Ruth McCartney, CEO of McCartney Multimedia and stepsister to the famous Beatle, spoke as part of the Paul A. Grosch Lecture Series on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. Ruth McCartney shares her expert insights on Big Data and analytics. Big Data is having a big moment. More than 90% of the data in the world was created in just the last two years. It’s cutting billions in energy costs, decoding DNA to find cures and anticipating hurricanes. Big Data predicted the Zika virus and the Ebola outbreak. It even predicted the winner of the 2012 presidential election. With the power of massive data sets and advanced analytics, experts say that companies with savvy finance departments will better anticipate customer and supplier demand, predict sales and profits under hundreds of different scenarios, detect fraud and drastically cut the time it takes to close the books at the end of each quarter. Not surprisingly, accounting and finance graduates with data analytics expertise are in high demand. “There is a new generation of accountants coming up who can be impactful in making sense of all this data that’s being collected,” said Ruth. “Big Data is here to stay and will create jobs and place more power in the hands of the financial community.”

Read full article or watch the entire presentation

E-Commerce: McCartney Merchandise Store

Creations from the brain trust at McCartneyMultimedia.com, perfect for anyone with a sense of fun or a love of The Beatles.

We've recently opened up our McCartney Merchandise Store! Check out our line of T-Shirts, Tank Tops and Hoodies. There's something for the entire family to enjoy! If you're interested in having your OWN logo merchandise store with on-demand, individual printing just get in touch and we can build it for you.

Check out our shirts today*
*Warning some of them are R-Rated!

Mrs. McCartney's Teas and Wines


In November of 2016, our fearless trio carried out a wine and tea tasting at Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica, CA, a much loved venue for all things British. It resulted in them taking on board an initial supply of our five fruity flavours of Mrs. McCartney's Wines and a selection of Mrs. McCartney's Teas for sale in their gift shop. Early in the New Year, they plan to have discussions about events, afternoon teas and chats about the history of tea, etc, with Angie, and maybe inclusion in gift baskets at special celebrations, which they do so well.

So get your kettle on and stay tuned...

Beatle Blog: McCartney Times

We are also actively looking for contributors and writers to make this site special. So, if you would like to contribute or know someone who would like share their Beatles insights you're most welcome to contact the publisher. Simply send us an email with your contact details and proposed content and we'll take it from there! Let's make this site a worthy hub for everything Fab Four!
Over the last months we've updated this site with new content and added hundreds of pages and posts. You can now find out about "Beatle People", "Beatle Songs" and "Beatle Locations". We're setting out to have McCartney.com become a super-hub about everything related to the Fab Four and their family and friends.

We are also actively looking for contributors and writers to make this site special. So, if you would like to contribute or know someone who would like share their Beatles insights, you're most welcome to contact the publisher. Simply send us an email with your contact details and proposed content and we'll take it from there! Let's make this site a worthy gathering post for everything Fab Four!
Contact: martin@mccartney.com

Please visit the site here...

Golden Globes - NBC Universal TV Party

Once again it was Golden Globes show preview time for the Hollywood Foreign Press. Thanks to Hans Spürkel and Yoko Narita, we were invited to attend the NBC Universal TV party at The Catch L.A.

From Martin's blog:
"Well, I guess Hollywood Award season has officially begun. I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my favorite actors: Shohreh Aghdashloo, best known for "House of Sand and Fog" starring next to Sir Ben Kingsley as well as many others. She's also a human rights activist fighting for freedom in Iran. What a pleasure! Thanks to NBC Universal for hosting at The Catch LA and Hans and Yoko for having us!"

Ruth and Angie speak at El Camino College

Ruth and Angie McCartney were invited to speak at El Camino College in Los Angeles by Dr. William Doyle. Ruth presented "Art and The Beatles", her in-depth analysis on how the Beatles not only changed the music industry but also their affects on the world of style, fashion and art.

The presentation included personal stories by Angie, giving the class of music students a "close up" look at what it was like being around The Beatles when they started having success in the early 1960's. Thanks to Dr. William Doyle and staff for making it happen.

L to R: Ruth McCartney, Wendy Doyle, Dr. William Doyle and Dr. Angie McCartney

Check out the site here

McCartney Studios - an inside look into editing
by Martin Nethercutt

A brief look "behind the scenes" of a video timeline in Final Cut X. To my mind, video editors never get enough credit for the work they do. From choosing the right video clips, sound, music, voice over and animation, the actual process of editing all these materials is extremely complex. The storyline has to work, be correctly "paced" in order not to "bore" the audience, and offer "fresh" content all the time - throughout the entire movie. At the same time, the overall "message" has to be preserved without losing context. So, when all the scenes are shot, and all the audio is selected, my formula is this: For every shoot day, you have to allow for 3 days of editing. Then, step back, allow the film to "breathe", and look at it with fresh eyes, do final adjustments and then you're ready to publish.

GEIST: Book Of Shadows
by Martin Nethercutt

"With two trailers / previews of the album in the making, I'm happy to say that the tracks are almost 85% completed. I have been working on a way to give my fans a chance at listen to previews of the entire album by picking a collection of songs. The album itself features various artists that helped me to complete my vision for the GEIST STORY. Featured artists are: Tamara Gallo, Chris Koehler, Jamie Austin, Nick Marechal and Ruth McCartney. Thanks to all who helped out, I truly appreciate your hard work and commitment!"

You can watch the previews here:

Trailer One (Fall 2016)

Trailer Two (Winter 2016)

Please visit the web site for more information.

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